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Although best known for our textile conservation grade mannequin ranges, realistic life-sized figures and range of horses, our highly-trained team of artists can create almost anything in two or three dimensions.

It could be Swamp Cyprus trees for a German tourist attraction and for the Eden Project in Cornwall; public monuments for the Gibraltar Government; an Egyptian sarcophagus; or a giant reproduction of an Etruscan snake goddess statue. Whatever it is, you can be assured that we apply the same high standards and quality as we do to the work more normally associated with us.

Below are a few example of projects we have been commissioned for that are outside of our classic ranges.

Snake Goddess

When a large copy of an Etruscan snake goddess was required for a costume exhibition in Athens, H&H Sculptors were commissioned to produce one. Carefully scaling up from photographs of the original small statuette we transformed it into a stunning centrepiece for the exhibition’s entrance foyer.

Reproduction Egyptian artefacts for Gondwana Praehistorium, Germany.

Swamp Cyprus trees
Pillars of Hercules

Life-sized Swamp Cyprus trees were sculpted and moulded in our studios and then cast in resin for Gondwana Praehistorium in Germany. Subsequently the moulds have been used to cast additional trees for other visitor attractions including an exhibition at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

Designed and constructed by H&H Sculptors, ‘The Pillars of Hercules’ monument is situated in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve overlooking the Straits of Gibraltar. It provides information about Gibraltar’s importance as the gateway to the Mediterranean in both the ancient and modern worlds and has become a tourist attraction in its own right featured on many postcards and souvenirs.

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