Realistic Horses

– a breed for every need



The London Transport Museum commissioned our first horses, but since then we have created horses for many other clients including the Royal Armories in Leeds and the New Forest Visitor Centre, [pictured right] Pony and Foal.


The Range


Our range of horses currently consists of five different breeds and a harness mount. This covers most museum display requirements from ponies and the smaller horses of antiquity to large draught horses and those ridden by knights in armour.

[pictured left] A Welsh Cob used as a Roman horse, The Corinium Museum, Cirencester.

Customised Poses


All our horses are supplied in static poses as standard, but we specialise in customising them. This is especially useful in situations where two or more of the same breed appear together (as in pulling a carriage) or in an ‘action’ context.

[pictured right] A group pf unpainted Cleveland Crosses with customised poses.


Materials and Manufacture


The horses are made at our studios in the UK and are cast in fibreglass, flame retardant to Class 1. They can also be cast in textile conservation grade resins to permit their use as museum supports for artefacts in showcases. Each horse is hand-painted to the clients specification in any colour, including dappled effect. Hidden KeeKlamp© fittings in their hooves fix them securely to the ground and they are sturdy enough to withstand the rigours of being on ‘open’ display.

With their glass eyes and realistic manes and tails our horses enhance an ever increasing number of displays both in this country and abroad.

[pictured left] A Half Clydesdale waiting to go on display.

Image Gallery of H&H Sculptors Realistic Horses

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