Monochrome and Abstract Figures

– a stylish alternative to realistic figures

Sculptural, Iconic and Symbolic


In recent years there has been a noticeable trend away from highly realistic life-like models towards figures that are more sculptural, iconic or symbolic. Award winning museums in Belgium and Ireland are amongst those that feature abstract figures created by H&H Sculptors.

[pictured right] A H&H Sculptors abstract figure of Maurice Walsh at The Kerry Writers’ Museum in Ireland, covered in extracts from his books.

Kerry writer
Ceol figures

Reasons to go abstract



If life-sized models are included as part of the design scheme, then monochrome or abstract types of figure are a real alternative and give any exhibition that features them a distinctly different feel and style.

This ‘Pompeii’ approach to figures can work exceptionally well when interpretation of a site or equipment is really the prime objective. Abstract figures often blend more easily into the background whilst still illustrating the function of an area or machine as well as preventing it from looking empty and deserted.

[pictured left] The highly impressionistic sculpting of this group of Irish musicians helps to convey something of the vivacity of their music and the weathered bronze patina suggests its long-standing tradition and heritage. Sculpted for ‘Ceol’, The Traditional Irish Music Centre, Dublin.

High profile example


Our most recent project featuring abstract figures was the Royal Air Force Museum’s new First World War Gallery where the world’s largest museum exhibition design company, Ralph Appelbaum Associates, specified monochrome figures for the aircrew in the suspended aircraft [pictured right].

RAF Museum
Wheal Martin figures

Exterior possibilities


Our abstract figures are also suitable for outside use – where a monochrome finish also simplifies maintenance issues and costs.

[pictured left] Wheal Martyn China Clay Heritage Centre, Cornwall.

Image Gallery of H&H Sculptors Monochrome and Abstract Figures

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