Realistic Figures

– bringing history to life



Our Figures are individually constructed, since we believe that only a fixed pose created by an experienced sculptor can provide the necessary degree of realism. It also ensures that our figures retain their amazingly lifelike postures – even when accessible to the public.

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Heads and Hands


Over the last 30 years we have built-up a large stock of male and female ‘character’ heads. Created by experienced portrait sculptors or cast from living people, our range of over 150 heads includes different facial expressions, ages and ethnic groups. Hands and any exposed parts of a figure’s body are usually cast individually from live models.

[pictured left] English Civil War soldier, National Army Museum.

Portrait Figures


If a figure is required to represent a specific person then a portrait head can be sculpted, but we also specialise in creating ‘look-a-likes’. These are made by selecting the stock character head that looks closest to the reference and then making small alterations to achieve a likeness. Although much cheaper than a portrait this is often equally as effective – especially for less well-known faces.

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[pictured right] Portrait figure of Ghandi.




Our figures can be supplied in costumes or uniforms from any period – or ready to be dressed in clothes sourced by the purchaser. Although our figures are fixed in their required poses before leaving our studios, key limbs can easily be removed to allow them to be dressed and undressed.

[pictured left] Figure at Lydiard House, Swindon.

Finishing Touches


Faces, hands and visible sections of bare flesh are realistically hand-painted in oil paints by make-up artists. Hair is individually styled to match the figure’s context and period by specialist wigmakers.

[pictured right] Gondwana Praehistorium figure, Germany.


Image Gallery of H&H Sculptors Realistic Figures

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