Textile Conservation Grade Figures for Theatre, Opera and Ballet

– protecting and displaying your precious costumes

Opera and Ballet Ranges


Our opera and ballet forms were originally developed for London’s Royal Opera House. Garments from their collection were assessed to establish the best proportions and measurements for these two ranges of figures and consequently our forms fit the majority of opera and ballet costumes. If required, we can also alter items to fit the specific need of an individual costume or to create a desired pose.

[pictured right] One of our figures in a pose constructed specially for the V&A Museum’s ‘Postmodernism exhibition’.

V&A Postmodernist exhibition dancer
Celebrity forms

‘Celebrity’ Forms



The opera and ballet ranges include forms created to fit the costumes of famous artistes such as Placido Domingo and Dame Margot Fonteyn.

[pictured left] Tutu made for Dame Margot Fonteyn displayed on one of our figures.

Theatre & Performance


By adapting items from our textile conservation figure ranges we have produced specialist figures for the display of theatrical costumes and props. These include War Horse and costumes from the Globe Theatre. The Disney Corporation also selected us to provide figures for their traveling exhibition of costumes from the stage production of the Lion King [pictured right].

Collections using our Theatre, Opera and Ballet figures include the Royal Opera House, the Royal Ballet School, the Victoria & Albert Museum’s Theatre & Performance Galleries, the National Trust and the National Museum of Scotland.

Lion King

Image Gallery of H&H Sculptors Theatre, Opera and Ballet Figures

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